Monday, June 17, 2013

"Where Dreams Come True"

If you don't already know, it has been my lifelong dream to work at Disneyland. I know many of you probably doubted me (honestly I never thought it would really happen myself). However, dreams do come true; both B.J. and I got offers to work as lifeguards at the Disneyland Hotels which are in the parks!

While I was interviewing the individual speaking with me said, "I like you, I could totally see you working here". I quickly exclaimed, "I have always wanted to work here". I had to quickly tell myself to calm down and not act too excited and crazy so I wouldn't ruin the interview. Although B.J. got the offer to work at Disney he decided to go with other job offers he received which would work better with his schedule when school starts. I also had to end up declining because I got a social work job.....and financially we could not survive on a lifeguard's income. However, I did get to work one day at Disneyland which was so magical! Excuse the long story to follow, but I had to document about my day of work at Disneyland!

The first day of work at Disneyland is called Traditions Class. At this training you learn about the past, present, and future of Disneyland. We were split into small groups and throughout the class we were given games to do together. That's when I realized that I was in a room full of Disney Nerds and that I was one of them. It was so great! We then went on a tour of Disneyland with our trainer. Before we walked into the park he said to us, "This will be the first time you walk in the park as a Disney Cast Member". Just typing this I am getting goosebumps (see I am a Disney Nerd). I seriously almost cried as we walked in......this was a big deal for me. He took us around the park and wanted us to recognize all of the detail that is throughout the park. Which it really is incredible if you pay attention to all that is around you at the park. They have designed and themed everything including the ground, garbage, fences, and plants to match each land/ride that is in the surrounding area.

At the end of the day we all got back together with the rest of the group. One of the instructors said that there was a surprise for us. After he said this a man in the back yelled "Mickey". But then the lights were dimmed and they turned on a movie. Everyone moaned in sadness. After the movie the lights came on and Mickey walked out! I then realized that not only were we all Disney Nerds but we were also like a group of children. Everyone was so excited to see Micky; it was hilarious. The instructor told us that Mickey brought us presents and it was our name badges! Before we got the badges Mickey shook all of our hands to welcome us to the "Disney Family". Yea you read that right, I'm (or at least was for a day) part of the Disney Family!

Isn't it beautiful?? 

Okay so seriously this was one of the best days of my life.....right up there with the wedding day ;) I still hope that one day when we are billionaires I can go back and work at Disneyland just for fun. Now you all know what a Disney Nerd I am!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Home and California Adventures!

I am actually catching up with the blog! We have been in California for about two and  half weeks. We are finally settling in and have also had time to explore California.We are hoping to visit many sights so that we can give recommendations to people who visit. We are loving it out here in Cali. The weather is absolutely perfect! We keep our windows open all day and have only had to use the air conditioner a few times.  Here are some pictures of our new home as well as some of the adventures we have had!

The outside of our home.

We have an orange tree and pomegranate tree in the yard!

Our landlords have a garden with garlic, cucumbers, tomatoes, egg plant, and other veggies. They have already been bringing us a lot of  vegetables and oranges, which taste amazing!

Our patio with grape vines surrounding it!

This is our kitchen. We were welcomed home with gifts left by our landlords. We are so lucky  to have them. 

I was always so conflicted when I saw people walking around Disneyland with these turkey legs. Part of me was disgusted while the other part of me wanted to try one. This last visit I caved and we spent $10.00 for this puppy. The verdict: not worth it. It actually tastes like ham and there is way too much of it. Maybe it could be split between a family of four and be good. 

Disney's California Adventure does the World of Color show each night. If you have not seen it you must! It is amazing! We stood in the front row, where we were warned we would get wet. I didn't believe that we would but as you can see our faces were soaked. However, it was totally worth it to have such a great view.

We also got a chance to visit Hollywood. We went to the mall as wells as the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We were not as thrilled as we thought we would be. It is very crowded and there is not a whole lot to see. I would only recommend it if you really enjoy shopping because the mall is quite large.

Oh the crazies that don't want to get real jobs so they dress up as characters on the sidewalk to get paid for pictures. I am ashamed to admit that we paid to get a picture with Jack Sparrow when we could have gotten it for free at Disneyland. However, I am now debating dressing up like Katniss so I don't have to have a real job....seems like easy money.
To my fellow OCD friends, I was disgusted by him putting his hat on my head and was worried the entire rest of the day that I got lice. UGH!!

I of course was still able to find a piece of my Disney in Hollywood.

The only bricks I took pictures of were Disney characters. I  have something against idealizing  actors and actresses. They are overpaid and get way to much recognition. Maybe that's why I was not a huge fan of Hollywood.


After we went to the mall and walked the Hollywood Walk of Fame we went to an observatory in Hollywood. I would highly recommend this. It is very large and contains a number of interactive exhibits. Plus it has free admission and free parking.

The building on the hill is the observatory. This is the view from our car, way too far away. There happened to be a concert going on in another part of the park so it was very crowded. 

The Observatory

The observatory overlooks Los Angeles and Hollywood. It is a beautiful view.

Holocaust Museum 

Today we went to the Holocaust Museum in Los Angeles. This was an amazing museum with so much to see. They give you the option of touring it on your own, with a guide, or with headphones and an iPod Touch.  We chose to do it with headphones. The iPod Touch allows  you to select which exhibits you want to hear about. The employees told us that they have over 30 hours of material that one could listen to. So needless to say I don't think we even heard a third of what they had to offer. This museum is also free with free parking! We would definitely recommend this museum.

This is outside the museum. It is a gorgeous building. 

These pillars are outside the museum. Each side explains what happened each year starting from when Hitler  was in power to the end of the war.

Outside of the museum they have an area dedicated to the children who were killed during the Holocaust. These walls are covered with tiny holes of various sizes. Each hole represents a child and the size represents the age. The wall was inspired by the Western Wall in Jerusalem which is considered the holiest place in the world. At the Western Wall, as well as at this monument, you can write on notes and place them in the holes. People are welcome to write prayers or notes to the children.

It was a very neat and humbling experience to visit this museum. It makes you realize the horrific events that took place and the importance of learning from history. It was very educational and we both learned a lot more about this time in history.

We have been able to do a lot in two weeks and we are excited to continue to tour California! I will continue to post about our adventures!

Saying Goodbye

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to friends and family in Utah:( We already miss them so much and wish that we could have brought them all with us.

Our adorable nephews. (Pictures stolen for Cari's Facebook, thanksi:)

Cute Luke gave me pretzels with whipped topping on them for Mother's Day . So sweet of him. 
Look at our cute nephew. Uncle B.J. taught him this little trick. 

At our last visit at Pop's we roasted marshmallows. 

We had a lot of fun experimenting by throwing random items in the fire such as donuts and eggs. Quite entertaining.

My Uncle Rick, Aunt ChaRee, and my awesome cousins came to Salt Lake to the Olive Garden. They are so much fun! Thanks for stopping by for dinner!

We really are missing all of our family and friends. We are grateful for all of the people we were able to spend time with before we left. I am terrible at taking pictures so I apologize that I did not get pictures of all the people we got to spend time with. We love all of you and miss you. Please come and visit us in California!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Apartment Hunting in Cali!

As I am sure most of you know B.J. decided to accept the offer to USC which meant we would be moving to California! I have always wanted to live in California so I was very excited for the move. In April we came out to California for about a week and a half for job interviews and to find a place to live. My mom's aunt lives in Southern California and was very gracious and kind and let us stay in her home while we were there. Thank you Aunt Bev for letting us stay with you!!

We spent the first four days driving around Southern California looking for apartments with a few breaks for job interviews. To say the least it was quite overwhelming. However, after four days, probably 30 apartments,  and some miraculous circumstances we found a wonderful place to live. We found a little house which is located behind the home of our landlords. There is also a gate around all of the houses which helps make if feel very secure. We also have a home behind us with another renter. It is absolutely beautiful. We are so lucky to have a yard and most of all a washer and dryer. Pictures will be in a later post:)

After we found our new place we still had time in California to relax and enjoy some time. While we were there it happened to be my birthday. For my birthday B.J. bought each of us season passes to Disneyland!!! As many of you know this is a BIG deal for me, as I am OBSESSED with Disneyland. We spent my birthday and the day after at Disneyland which made it the FABULOUS birthday!

A couple of years back we had a family reunion in Cali with our new family. Mandi flew to Cali while I drove with B.J. and my dad. Mandi, as well as my aunts, uncles, and couple of my cousins decided that they would go to Disneyland. While I was sitting in the back of the car on the long drive, doing homework, Mandi sent me this little gem to make me jealous.. So..........

I got my revenge!

When you are celebrating something at Disneyland make sure you stop by the front and get a pin! I wore one for my birthday and B.J. wore one for graduating. The cast members acknowledge you throughout the day. One of the cast members said  "Happy Birthday, Princess" which totally made my day.

He loves when I make him try on hats......

We ate at the Blue Bayou for my Birthday dinner. They gave me pudding with these cute sprinkles on top. 

We also were able to spend time on the beach and explore the stores around Huntington Beach. Unfortunately, it was a cold day and we did not want to get in the water.

We also got to spend a lot of time with my Aunt Bev and also spent some time with her children. It was so much fun getting to know them more. We are so lucky to have family here in California and we look forward to spending more time with them.

Aunt Bev has two turtles, they are so cute!

B.J. feeding Rocky.

Sammy and Rocky
Bev took us to see her neighbor's pet Turkey!

Aunt Bev was so sweet and had a birthday party for me while  I was there. Yes, this is homemade by her. Pink and chocolate two of my favorite things. It was delicious!

It was so nice of Aunt Bev's boys and granddaughter to come.

We also went to dinner with all of her children. They are such wonderful people.

We had a very productive and fun stay when we came out in April. It helped us to know that we will have such wonderful people in California. Thanks Aunt Bev for letting us stay with you!!! We love you!!

Random Happenings of 2013

Random happenings of 2013!

Shelley's Graduation

This year my awesome cousin and one of my best friends, Shelley, graduated with her Master's Degree in Accounting from Brigham Young University (the top program in the U.S.). As you can tell I am so proud of her and am not ashamed to brag!

Poor Shelley, I dragged her all around the campus to get pictures. 

My signature picture:)

Third Anniversary

In May B.J. and I celebrated our third anniversary. We decided to celebrate by taking a break from packing and spend a relaxing day together in Salt Lake. 

We decided to celebrate by paying tribute to Salt Lake since we would be moving soon.

We had a picnic at a park overlooking the Salt Lake Valley.

View of the University of Utah.

The last three years have flown by! I can't believe we already have celebrated our third anniversary! I am so lucky to have B.J. He is so patient with me and does sooo much to help our family. I am grateful to have such a wonderful husband.