Friday, March 2, 2012


Last week one of my new, sweet cousins left to serve an LDS Mission and will be serving in the Dominican Republic. Kylan and his parents invited us to come and see him off at the MTC. I have never had this opportunity so I was grateful that they invited us to share this experience. However, it was so sad to see all of the families saying goodbye to their missionaries and of course it was extremely sad for us to say goodbye to Kylan. However, Kylan was so excited to enter the MTC and serve his mission. His enthusiasm and strength was truly remarkable (and made me feel bad for being a baby...). Anyways, we are so proud of him and I am so grateful that I was able to meet him before he left for his mission. It would have been so upsetting if we missed meeting this incredible young man.

Before you begin looking at the pictures I will admit that these pictures are stolen from my sister's blog. I'm terrible with taking pictures, I'm hoping this blog will encourage me to take more pictures.

Aunt Casey and Uncle Ryan (Kylan's parents)

Yes we kiss our cousins, we're Italian deal with it:)

Look how well this kid fits in our family. He looks exactly like our uncle Nick, who was killed in Vietnam. Oh and Mandi does not have this I totally one-upped her.

We are going to miss him soooo much! He has already sent a letter home and he is already doing an amazing job. We are so proud of him!