Saturday, February 25, 2012


BJ and I (BJ wants me to say mostly me) have finally decided to start a blog. When I thought about joining the blogging world I didn't think we would have much to post. However, as I review this past year I realized that I have had so many amazing experiences and have been incredibly blessed. I'm creating this blog in hopes to notice all of the little blessings in my life. Through this I also hope to provide some entertainment and keep family and friends informed of the happenings in our lives! So to start of this blog I am going to give a recap of our happenings in 2011!


We started off the new year with a trip to California! Thanks to my wonderful dad we were able to go to Disneyland and Universal Studios. We were also able to go see my mom's home that she grew up in as well as my uncles' graves. My sister Mandi, her husband Clay, BJ, and I are so lucky to have an amazing dad that treats us so well!

Oh and we have a brick at Disneyland...don't be too jealous:) 

Mandi & me with Goofy.

April & May

This year I turned 21 and graduated with my Bachelors of Social Work degree. Yay for getting closer to the end of my schooling career!


BJ and I celebrated our first anniversary this year at Bear Lake. Time has flown by and it is crazy to think that we will be celebrating our second anniversary in just a few months. I really have married the smartest, sweetest, and cutest guy in the world!

                                        We made s'mores in the grill...we are classy like that.

We played a lot of poker.  As you can see by the loads of sugar packets and garlic I totally kicked some trash.

July & August

This year we gained 15 new family members; two uncles, two aunts, and 11 new cousins. We are so blessed that they found us and look forward to making so many new memories with them. In July we were able to all get together for our first meeting and then we were able to travel to California so that they could meet our grandma's family.

                     My two new amazing uncles!! They look so much like my grammy and mom.

My cute new cousins. We missed meeting two of our cousins who are currently serving missions for the LDS church.
How cute are these two girls? They have me wrapped around their fingers, as you can see by the massages I am giving them:)
Our new family!

Our trip to California. Our uncles were able to meet their Italian aunts, uncles, and cousins.


BJ turned 24 this year! BJ loves pastries, so this year we had a donut cake for him.

Sorry for the clutter in this picture. BJ wanted me to post this picture because, "It has everything important in my life pastries, milk....(long pause)....except you."

December & January (2012)

We were able to celebrate Christmas and New Years with our amazing new family. My aunt and uncle made it a wonderful Christmas. On Christmas Eve my great uncle made the Italian Roman Catholic Christmas dinner; the Feast of the Seven Fishes. Even though I am not a fan of fish, I tried all of the dishes (even a tentacle of a squid) and actually quite liked them, except the squid. We also had a ton of Italian cookies and treats that we all ate nonstop.

My uncle made this beautiful tree. At the top is a picture of my grandmother. Each large star on the tree is a picture of her children who have passed away. The bulbs each have a picture of her grandchildren.

My uncle Rick's kids, Mandi, and my aunt. Unfortunately I do not have a picture Ryan's family.

My beautiful mother.

Fish faces with my cute cousin Taden.

New Years 2012
We celebrated the New Year at Mandi and Clay's new home. We all had a great time!!!

Cute pops!

My adorable cousin!

Oh and did I mention my new cousins are amazing at Rock Band?

That is a recap of our last year; sorry that it was pretty lengthy. We have had miraculous things occur in our lives and we will never forget how amazing 2011 was for us and our family!!!

Currently, BJ and I are both at the University of Utah. He is working on his undergraduate and will apply for Physical Therapy schools in the summer. He is so incredibly smart and is doing great in school. He is working hard at a physical therapy outpatient agency and is volunteering to get a lot of physical therapy experience.
I am in the Masters of Social Work program and will graduate at the end of the summer. I am currently doing an internship with Rocky Mountain Hospice and love it!