Sunday, June 1, 2014

My New Cousins in Disneyland

Did I mention I have the absolute best cousins?? On my dad's side of the family I have always been extremely close to all of my cousins. I always looked forward to seeing them. I have so many fun memories with them such as playing Steal the Flag, Annie Annie Over, and making stellar music videos. I always felt so lucky to have such a close family. Until recently my sister and I were the only grandkids on my mom's side of the family. I'm sure most of you know the story but we discovered we had two more sets of loving aunts and uncles as well as 11 awesome cousins. From the moment we met them I felt just as I did with my cousins on my dad's side that I had known all of my life. We bonded immediately, almost as if we hadn't missed a moment in each other's lives. Every time we get together we have so much fun and I often find myself imagining how it would have been growing up with them. I feel so blessed to have them in my life. This past week one of the families came out out to California. B.J. and I were able to spend a couple of evenings with them at Disneyland! It was such a blast to be with them. They are so much fun!

Uncle Rick

My cousin Kalen recently came home from his mission. It was so good to see him! As you see from the picture below he let me put pink ears on his head and convince him to buy a Frozen cell phone cover. This guy's awesome! We have missed him!

Awesome Disney employee that hopped in our picture. Found out after he is from Ogden, Utah. 
 My cousin's + B.J.'s awesome poses on Splash Mountain.

Sleeping on the ride. 

Tyson missed the memo...
My awesome cousins. We missed Kylee, Tyler, ChaRee and Rick in this picture. 
We had so much fun with our amazing cousins. We missed Ryan's family! Let's start planning the next trip for a family reunion!

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fun Memorial Day Weekend! On Friday after work we headed to Disneyland for their 24 Hour day. We stayed until 6:00 AM on Saturday! It was exhausting but quite an experience.

On Memorial Day we spent the day at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. It was very large and beautiful! I would recommend paying a visit if you come to LA.

Our little city made it in to the museum. The San Gabriel Mission was the first mission established in California.

I was also able to find a piece of my Disney at the museum. The first picture is Walt Disney's animation stand where he created Mickey Mouse!


Currently the museum has a butterfly exhibit. You get to go inside a green house with hundreds of butterflies. It was so beautiful!

1 Year Older and 1 Year of Disney

This past month I celebrated my birthday at Disneyland (where else would I). The week before my birthday my friend Ginger took me to Disneyland. Her present to me was to pay for any treats I wanted! I know you all are jealous and drooling. When you are at Disneyland you are overwhelmed by the delicious scents swirling around you. At this point calories and your figure don't really matter, however the cost sometimes can turn you away. So this gift was amazing. From Mickey shaped pretzels to funnel cakes topped with brownies, I had it all. Thanks Ginger for the gift to my taste buds!

Not an attractive picture AT ALL but the Mickey pretzel is too cute not to share. 
Behind Big Thunder Mountain they have a place where they have horses and goats. When we pass the area I look at B.J. with innocent childlike eyes and ask that we go pet them. B.J. always give me a look that says 'I paid for a season pass to ride rides not watch you pet goats'. Ginger was kind enough to join me in petting the goats. They were SO cute.

I am happy to report the goats LOVED me. They all swarmed me to get some love and attention. 

On the actual day of my birthday B.J. and I again went to Disneyland. Since it was the day before Easter all of the Disney bunnies were out to take pictures! If you know me, you know this was an absolute magical day seeing as I love bunnies. 

Isn't Thumper cute! I had a bunny named Thumper so I had to get a picture with him. B.J. was kind enough to make three separate trips back to Thumper to make sure I got a picture.

B.J. surprised me with two fancy meals at Disneyland. We shared a Monte Cristo at The Blue Bayou and for the first time ate at the Carthay Circle. Both were amazing. 

B.J. even let me pet the goats again and rode the carousel. He really let me indulge my inner five year old self. 

The first time riding the carousel in our entire year of having our season passes. He looks thrilled...

Shelley and Karen this next picture is for you....

When Mandi came to visit Pops bought her a birthday hat. He insisted I buy one for my birthday and sent money specifically for the hat. Thanks Pops!