Monday, March 31, 2014

Girl's Trip + A Pops

While B.J. is in the Physical Therapy Program he is going to be required to go out on several internships. Some are two weeks while others are 16 weeks. We decided that it would be a good idea if he offered to go out of state for the shorter ones in hopes that he would get one close to our home for the longer internships. He had his first two week internship and he decided to go back to Utah. For the first week and a half that he was gone my sister, Mandi, was nice enough to come out and keep me company. Her husband stayed back home for work so it was just a girls trip!

She came shortly before her birthday, left just one day before, so I decided to surprise her with some decor and gifts.

We made a trip to Hollywood while she was here. We started out shopping at The Grove. There we lived out our childhood dream by going into the American Girl Doll Store and finished the shopping trip by buying candy at the candy store. We didn't waste any time looking at the high end fashion stores, we went straight for the best stores.

In the American Girl Doll Store. Yes, we still want to buy everything there.
After "shopping" at the grove we decided to go see the red carpet! We were there just a few hours prior to the Oscars starting.

Mandi and I mostly planned out places we were going to eat when she that's mostly what we did. Otherwise we just hung out around the house. I also came home to this every day.....

It was a 'chilly' 69 degrees when Mandi was here. The neighbors thought she was a lunatic sun bathing in such frigid temperatures. I truly do think they believe she has 'issues'.
I bet your all wondering where the " + Pops" comes into the picture. You guessed it the one and only pops came about a week after Mandi got into town. It was fun to have the little family back together. We sure did miss mom though, although we know she was there because there is no way she would miss a trip to California!

When pops was here we went to the beach with my friend Ginger. On our way to pick up Ginger we saw a film crew in a neighborhood nearby. Because Ginger was running late, as usual ;) Mandi and I had our dad drop us off a block away. Mandi and I then casually strolled down the block and checked out what was being filmed. It was Modern Family! We were so excited, but had to act cool to contain our excitement. We believe that they were filming outside, what they use as Mitchell and Cameron's house. There we saw Claire, the mom on Modern Family!

There she is back by the car. Sorry we only got a shot of the back of her head. Like I said we had to act cool so they wouldn't kick us out. We couldn't be snappin a ton of shots. 

After our first star sighting we picked up the Ging and headed to the beach. It was an absolutely beautiful day at the beach. We wished we had brought our bathing suits. 

The Pops and his new hat.

Ginger's candid photography. 

.....and a poopdeck.
While Mandi was working from my house and I was out at work Pop's was itching to use his Disney season pass. He made a quick trip and bought Mandi goodies from Disneyland for her birthday. He also brought some cinnamon rolls home for all of us. Did I mention we have the best pops?

The birthday ears and Mandi's favorite, Disneyland Candy Apples. Along with a fork full of Disney cinnamon roll.
I had so much fun with my family. They helped keep me company so I wasn't alone while B.J. was away. Thank you for coming to see me! Next family trip, Pittsburgh! 

Shelley's Day Out

My cousin Shelley came out to visit!! If you are confused by the title please take a break to watch Baby's Day Out.

Okay so if you don't have time to watch the show just yet, or you just can't stop reading the blog because it is already so captivating, I will give you a brief synopsis. This hilarious, yet classic film, is about a baby who escapes a set of kidnappers and is now venturing out into New York City on his own. It shows the many times he narrowly escapes tragedies while  exploring the Big Apple. As this was Shelley's first big trip on her own I thought it to be fitting...

We had a blast, as usual. While she was here we spent every moment possible at Disneyland. The first day was an absolute magical day; the Disney gods were watching out for us. We were invited to go through a special VIP door for the Haunted Mansion which got us in the front of the line. I guess they knew we were as important as presidents, celebrities, etc, etc...

Later that day we were walking through Tomorrowland and came across a band playing. From behind we said "That looks like the Beatles". Well sure enough it was them!! Well a copycat band, minor detail. Both Shelley and I LOVE the Beatles so we spent the rest of the evening admiring the band members, I mean music.... Everyone else in the crowd had about 20-40 years on us but we didn't mind. Party like the old people, that's how we roll. 

I tried to scan the crowd with this next video so you could see the age of the crowd compared to us. 

I know, crazy right?? They look just like them!!
They took breaks and would come out dressed as the next 'phase' of the Beatles.

At the end of the concert John Lennon threw his guitar pick to us but sadly his throw was just too short and didn't make it to us. Such a shame. Although he was flashing me peace and love signs to me throughout the concert, so that was enough to make my day.

The next day we went to Disneyland it was EXTREMELY crowded. Poor Shelley came on stupid 'Dapper Day' where the weirdos come out of the wood works dressed in old fashion attire. Seriously I don't know that I have seen it that crowded. However, that visit I had Shelley watch the World of Color for the first time, which is always incredible.

We bought these little beauties (the crowns if you are confused). They didn't quite fit us like we had hoped.....maybe because they are meant for a five year old's head.....who knows. 


We had fun posing for the pictures on the rides. When Shelley's sister Karen came to California she had the same look on her face every time a picture was taken on a ride. It was this "I'm sick and don't know what's going on" look. Then her two year old son, Jackson, was covering his eyes on each ride. We decided to pose in honor of them. We call it "The Karen and Jackson Series". (Sorry for the very poor quality of photos, but this is for you Karen)

Finally, our picture that now has become a tradition. We missed Karen in this photo:(

Come back sooooon Shelley and Karen!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


This year we bought our first Christmas tree! B.J. amused me and supported me in spending money to buy Disney Christmas decorations for our tree.

On Christmas day we spent the morning alone, opening our gifts together.

Later that day my friend, Ginger, came by as well as the missionaries. We really did have a lot of fun, I guess too much because I didn't even take any pictures...... The next day pops came with his friend. We of course spent time at Disneyland, again no pictures. Sorry this is a lame post, but I had to share my Disney decor.

I will make up for the lack of Christmas pictures by posting some Christmas pictures from Disneyland.

To make up for the lame post here is a picture for your enjoyment.

This is how we celebrate Christmas in Cali. Notice the shirtless man on the roof with the snowman decoration.


It's been a few days since I have blogged......okay maybe a little longer than that. I have to catch y'all up a bit, since I'm sure you have all been waiting at the edge of your seats just wondering what we have been doing with our lives....right?? Kidding aside, let's start with the holidays.

B.J.'s parents and brother came out and spent Thanksgiving with us. We had a Thanksgiving dinner the day before Thanksgiving day at our house. I was a lame, horrible host so I didn't make a dinner. While I was at work B.J. and his family made some side dishes and his mom brought leftovers from the Thanksgiving they had at their home. We are sure spoiled to have family come visit us for the holidays and even bring the food! On Thanksgiving day, since I had off work, we spent the day at Disneyland and California Adventure.

B.J.'s family had not been to California Adventure so we started our day there. Tip: don't start the day on the roller coaster with those that get motion sickness (sorry 'bout that).

Arms linked, walking into Disneyland. So Cute. 

Stuck on the Toy Story. 
The weather on Thanksgiving was absolutely beautiful. We enjoyed our Thanksgiving dinner outside at a restaurant in Disneyland.

We had so much fun spending time with family and taking them around Disneyland. We are so grateful to have family surrounding us during the holidays!