Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pops Does the Golden State

(third in the trilogy of Pops Does Space City and Pops Does the City of Angels)

My sister, Mandi, her husband, Clay, and pops came out to visit us! I have not seen Mandi and Clay since last Christmas which is just unacceptable. I am so glad they made it out here before their big move.

We went to....you guessed it.....Disneyland!


Blue Bayou

Sad this picture didn't turn out:(

We spent a day going to the desert. Our Grammy lived near Palm Springs and we have so many good memories from visiting her when she lived there. We made a visit to the Cabazon Dinosaurs, drank date shakes, and went to the Marriott in Palm Dessert. 

You know those strange memories you have from when you were a kid and your not sure if they really happened or if you made it up? So these dinosaurs were one of those memories. It was a relief to finally determine that they do in fact exist. 

No words necessary

This one has a store inside of him...see why I thought it was just a crazy dream from when I was a kid. It's all kind of strange.

Here we are at the Marriott. Below you will see we also rode in the gondolas. If you are a Saved by the Bell fan you know that they filmed a few episodes here. Mandi did quite the tribute to the episode, so I will not even attempt you will have to check it out here.


We also spent a day in LA. We went to the USC campus, Hollywood, the Science Center Museum, the Griffith Observatory and drove through Beverly Hills. 


Denzel has a hand for each of us. 

The red carpet.

Ok ladies the new pose with the bent knee and hand on hip is a little OLD. UGH I get so irritated when I see it. So here is our tribute to the pose. Neither of us really have it but you get the point. 

...and here is Clay's attempt at the pose. 

Well we will end on that lovely note thanks to Clay. Thank you so much for coming out to visit us!!! We had so much fun!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

USC vs. University of Utah

B.J. and I went to see the University of Utah and USC play each other at the Coliseum. Luckily B.J. heard of an insurance company a few months ago that was offering two free USC football tickets to those that called for an auto insurance quote. Good old B.J. finding the deals; it saved us $100!

Pre-game picture

Half time picture
If any of you watched the game you will understand the distasteful looks on our faces at half time. It was one of the most ridiculous games. Utah played horrible, making it quite a boring game. USC really had not competition. I was so disappointed in them. I decided to root for my alma mater, dressed in my Ute gear, and was the only one cheering for them in our section (even B.J. was cheering for USC). They sure made me look like a goober. Even though it was a pretty lame game it still was a fun experience. Prior to the game we walked around the stadium to see the tailgating. I thought I knew what tailgating was from the Utah games but I was mistaken. USC takes their tailgating VERY seriously. They were lined up all around the stadium with catered food.... it was crazy. It was also fun to see the stadium close up, it is absolutely beautiful.

Brief history of the Coliseum. 

There is Tommy the Trojan on his horse Traveler. When he came out before the game I thought he was so cute, the horse that is,  so I took a ton of pictures thinking he wouldn't come out again. However, he comes out each time USC scores.....so we saw a lot of him. 

As you can see B.J. wore USC gear; at least one of us cheered for the right team.