Monday, September 16, 2013

B.J.'s 26th Birthday

B.J. turned 26 this month (what an old fart)!

We celebrated by doing B.J.'s favorite thing, watching movies and playing games on his iPad ALL day. That weekend we literally only left our room to eat, otherwise we were being totally lazy and watching movies.
His favorite cake, better than 'you know what' cake
Since we were lazy on his actual birthday weekend the next weekend I wanted him to be able to decide on an activity to do. So we went where else... Disneyland. Sorry if you are sick of my Disneyland pictures, but you will just have to deal with it.

Disneyland is all decked out for Halloween already. 

B.J. with his birthday pin and ice cream. If you get ice cream at the Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street get the cookies and cream. AMAZING. 

We got our fortunes told my Esmeralda on Main Street. 

I want you to read the 'prophecies' below and just guess which one is mine and which is B.J.'s prophesy.

For those of you who know how lucky and perfect B.J. is this is an easy guess. But for those of you who don't know B.J. his 'prophesy' is the first one pictured. Seriously Esmeralda's good. When I got my card I was reminded of my awful luck I have been having. Two car accidents in the last two month both of which I was rear ended and both of which the responsible party drove away. BOOO. Karma will get 'em. I am extremely grateful no one was seriously hurt and my dear old car has little damage from it but I digress. Anyways so then comes out B.J.'s card and I could not help but laugh. I won't complain I undoubtedly benefit from his luck and perfection.

We had an awesome time at Disneyland and it was a perfect day for B.J.'s birthday. We started out at Splash Mountain where we went in the single rider's line twice and both times got to ride together. I kind of felt bad for the people that were waiting in line for forty minutes and we rode twice within the amount of time they were waiting in line. But that feeling of guilt went away fast. Later in the evening we went on Grizzly Rapids in California Adventure. We went after the sun had gone down so not many people were in line so we got our own raft which was so fun. We then had dinner in Downtown Disney where we were seated with a perfect view of the fireworks from Disneyland. It was a perfect Disneyland trip in celebration of his birthday!

Our own raft. 

Get it? He's my 'record catch'! (I know cheese-o-rama)

Monday, September 2, 2013

White Coat Ceremony

B.J. had his White Coat Ceremony!! I am so proud of him and all of his hard work. I sometimes feel like a parent because I am so excited to see where he goes in life and all that he will accomplish.

My signature shot. 

Joan and Reed's Visit!

B.J.'s parents came to visit us for B.J.'s White Coat Ceremony and stayed for the weekend. They just left yesterday, so I'm really on top of this blog thing. (It's amazing how much more time you have without homework). We had so much fun with them and we are glad that they came to visit!

We went to see the Mission of San Gabriel. It was the fourth mission established in California. We were able to walk around the grounds of the mission. It was amazing to see how they lived and how successful they were able to be. They have various buildings in the area which have beautiful architecture.

There was also a fiesta outside the mission. I post this picture to show how empty it was....kind of sad and pathetic. 

After visiting the mission we went to the beach so that they could dip their feet in the water. It was been extremely hot here this last week so the beach was a nice get away from the heat.

After the beach we went to dinner and saw this guy. If you ever wondered if the beast from the Sandlot is still alive, here he is. This picture doesn't do justice, he was HUGE.

We had so much fun with B.J.'s parents and we already miss them.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Scott's Visit and St. George

B.J.'s brother Scott and a few of his friends came and stayed with us while they partied it up in Cali! The boys spent a lot of time at the beach playing volleyball, surfing, and swimming. Before Scott planned his visit B.J. and I had reserved tickets for the Price is Right. Luckily when the boys decided to come there were still tickets available and we were all able to go. I had mixed feelings about going to the show. I had prepared my whole life for the moment of being on the Price is Right and dreamed about the day I would go on my 18th birthday. I would watch it every morning in the summer and had a notebook I would write my guesses for the prices (Nerd alert!). However, my dreams were shattered when Bob Barker retired and Drew Carey took over. I was still excited and it ended up being a ton of fun, besides the four hour wait to get in. I also can now say that I approve of Drew Carey being the new host because he was HILARIOUS. Unfortunately, none of us got called up....boooo. The bright side is that when you don't get called up you know that you are not a complete lunatic because they mostly pick the crazies with only a few exceptions.

Yep, so this is the only picture I got of Scott and his friends. This is them waiting in line for the Price is Right. There were only four of them, the boy on the far right with the thumbs up kind of just attached himself to Scott and his friends. So that was nice of Scott to let him join the group....he was interesting.

B.J. and I waiting for the Price is Right. 

Last weekend we went to St. George for my aunt and uncles' farewell. They will be serving a mission in South America. I am so proud of them and know they will do an amazing job! We had such a fun time getting back together with my dad's side of the family. Once again not too many pictures, but still thought I would share. 

B.J. and Dusty in an old time photo.....get it the black and white photo in the background..

Me and my grandma. Love her!