Saturday, August 13, 2016

Thanksgiving 2015

As you can tell there is no real order to this blog. I'm kind of 'blog vomiting' the past year and a half per request of my cousin Karen so please excuse the lack of organization.

Mandi, Clay, and pops came to California for Thanksgiving!

Since I only had a couple of days off for Thanksgiving I sure was not going to spend the whole day cooking. So we had our Thanksgiving dinner at the Storytellers Cafe at the Grand California Hotel. Let me tell you it did not disappoint. I have never had such good food in my life. This is where I will be spending my Thanksgivings.

As you can see behind Mandi and Clay ti is a buffet... a THANKSGIVING BUFFET! Needless to say we were all beyond stuffed by the end and had to roll ourselves to the car. We were all really close to pulling up a bench and taking a nap. 

The whole clan together. Ginger really wanted a picture... pops not so much.

We went on a hike when they came to visit. Did I mention how I love California and that you can be outside in the winter time without freezing your buns off?? It's amazing!
The 'waterfall'. Easy to see that we are in a drought.

I love when they come to visit! I wish they would just move out here already!

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