Friday, August 12, 2016

San Diego and San Francisco

Over the past year we took the opportunity to explore different parts of California. It made me fall in love with this state even more!

We spent a long weekend in San Diego where we went to Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, Coronado Island, snorkeled at La Jolla Cove, and ate amazing food!

We stopped to see the San Diego Temple which is beautiful.

Coronado Island. I will live here one day...

My spirit animal. They sun bathe, swim, nap, and eat. All my favorite things. If reincarnation is real I sure hope I come back as a sea lion.

Too cute. We waited in a huge line to see this guy... but his cuteness was worth it. 

This is why I should blog sooner, I can't remember much about this strange creature. Just know it's some super rare species... 

Our Sea World tickets came with a free day. So later in the year we took a day trip with Ginger. Sea World is one of Ginger's favorite places so it was fun to experience it with her. She was a champion and only slept about 3 hours after working long night shifts right before the trip. 

Christmas season at Sea World

Ginger's spirit animal: the sea otter
BJ's spirit animal: Dolphin. It's perfect for him; fast swimmer and always happy.

Our 2016 Christmas Card  (or maybe awkward family photos....)
Early this year I also had to make several more trips to San Francisco for work. It was fun to explore the city more and eat way too much Italian food. But it sure wasn't the same without Mandi. I'll limit myself to only a few photos of my new favorite city since I already dedicated an entire blog post to it. 

I walked half way on the Golden Gate Bridge. 

The Bay Bridge light show

I'm finally done making trips to the Bay Area. While I loved the experience it was definitely becoming quite exhausting. I hope to go again sometime for vacation purposes only. 

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